Are cash flow concerns keeping you from creating your dream salon? It takes more than equipment and furniture to open a salon, expand a salon or to remodel. With our expansive family of finance programs, you can finance “soft” costs such as construction, design fees, electrical, plumbing, product inventory, flooring, installation, freight and working capital.

Let our consultants share their knowledge and together we can make your vision a reality.

Here is the list of our current programs:

The 1, 2, 3 Program:
It's time to increase revenues with a remodel or new location, but cash flow is tight. Put it off another six months? No need. With the 1, 2, 3 Program, paying for the project is easy. Pay $100 the first three months, pay $200 the second three months and pay $300 the third three months. This enables the new project to generate revenues without putting stress on existing cash flow.

The Seasonal Cash Flow Program:
Your project will increase profits, but you're concerned about making a payment during the slower times. Select a three-month period each year and make manageable monthly payments.

The Interest-Only Line of Credit Program:
You're ready to order your equipment and want to start paying the suppliers, but do not want to make full payments. With the Line of Credit Program you can use funds as needed and only make interest payments on that amount. When you've completed the project, the line of credit will be rolled into a fixed lease or loan of your choosing.

The Construction Program:        
The construction and build-out portion of your project has become expensive and the bank wants to attach your home or other assets in order to approve your loan request. Should you risk everything you own?  With our Construction Program you may be able to fund a big portion or all of your construction costs without having to tie up your personal assets.  

The Best Rate Program:  
This program is for new or established salon owners with a positive credit history and above-average financial strength who are interested in a financial package that offers the best rate.



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